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Each year mountain lions are spotted in many great outdoors locations throughout the country. Although it’s not uncommon to have a mountain lion sighting in the country, it’s somewhat alarming when they’re seen in highly trafficked areas, putting people and domestic animals in danger of being attacked.

Due to the coming summer months when folks tend to be out and about in the great outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, etc., here is a refresher course on what to do if you come into contact with a mountain lion.

* Do not go into the nation alone. It’s best to bring a friend or at least a puppy with you. Having a walking stick may also serve as some protection in case of an attack. Making plenty of noise while outside will prevent you from sneaking up on an unknowing lion, which may lead them to attack.

Mountain lions appear to be particularly drawn to little children. It is very important that you keep them close to you and within your site at all times.

* Do not run away. Pick up your child without bending over. Do your best to stay upright, facing the lion. Running may stimulate the lion’s natural instinct to chase and attack.

* Make yourself look as large as possible by lifting your arms slowly. Do not bend over or crouch down to avoid looking like a four-legged creature. Throw rocks or sticks if they’re within reach and speak in a loud, firm voice.

If you see one, follow the directions above and give it a chance to escape.

* If the mountain lion attacks, fight back. Try to remain standing to avoid being bitten about the neck or face. Use any objects accessible to protect yourself, such as a rod, hat, fishing pole, etc.. Lots of people have survived mountain lion attacks by fighting back.

If you website a mountain lion, or an animal carcass that could be attributed to a lion kill, always contact your local Department of Fish and Game or Pembroke Park Wildlife Removal. Always be conscious of your environment and that of your family, especially small children, when enjoying time in the wonderful outdoors.

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